We’re ready for those sunny summer days, but what about your car? When in doubt, leave it to your Washington Honda dealer to help with tips for summer car care.

Just like many of us work to get in shape for the summer, it’s important to make sure your new or used Honda vehicle is prepared for longer, sunnier days and higher temperatures. The truth is that ensuring your car is summer-ready involves many of the same kind of checks you perform during the spring and in preparation for the winter. That includes procedures like standard oil changes and checking on tire health — especially if you know you’ll be putting your vehicle to the test during a summer road trip.

Whether you’ll be on the road traveling or simply carrying on your routine travels around town, chances are you’ll also be relying on your air conditioner. It’s best to have this system thoroughly checked to make sure there are no leakage issues, test proper cooling functionality, and clean necessary elements like the condenser fins. While you’re at it, it’s also wise to check coolant levels, inspect and replace worn windshield wiper blades, and replace your air filter for better breathing, particularly if anyone in your family is prone to summer allergies.

The technicians at our Honda service center can do all of this for you, not to mention answer any of your questions about parts and accessories. If you have any parts questions, you might find it helpful to browse our online parts library. You can select your particular vehicle, say, the Honda Accord, to bring up parts options and accessories specific to your Honda car.

Don’t forget to also take a look at our parts and service specials before you stop by or schedule your next service appointment at our Richland, WA, Honda dealership. We are ready to get your car in top shape for the summer.