Every car owner has come across an illuminated sign in their dashboard once or twice. These service warning lights shouldn’t be overlooked, and depending on the type shown, shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our service center staff at McCurley Integrity Honda decided to share what a few of the most common lights signify.

Check Engine Light

This one is easy to decipher, as it appears as an outline of an engine. There could be several meanings associated with this one, such as requiring an oil change or a new catalytic converter. Whatever the reason may be, we suggest you take your car in to our new Honda dealership as soon as you can to determine the actual cause.

Anti-Lock Brake System

You know there’s an issue with the anti-lock brake system when two half circles enclose a full circle with ‘ABS’ in the middle illuminates in your dash. This does not necessarily mean that your brakes will fail, but sudden stops may be harder to execute, as ABS assists with vehicle control and stopping distance.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Your tires are crucial, and ensuring they’re properly inflated is of the utmost importance. If one of your tires becomes too low, this light will illuminate to warn you. This could be as simple as needing more air in a tire or as serious as an item puncturing a tire. Whichever the case, pulling over at your earliest convenience is always recommended. You should then check the inflation levels of each tire and take the appropriate next steps.

Routine maintenance helps a ton with the prevention of some of these issues arising, such as oil changes and tire rotations. Make an appointment with our Honda service department if you are currently experiencing a lit-up dashboard or if it’s time for regular upkeep. The expert technicians at McCurley Integrity Honda look forward to helping you soon!